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October 10, 2020
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The Perfect Paintball Marker For Any Paintball Sniper

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Do you enjoy playing paintball? Paintball is a very exciting activity that can be made even more exciting by becoming a paintball sniper. There are many paintball markers available today that will help you hone your shot and make your job of paintball sniper a lot easier.

The paintball sniper is a player who can be patient, play alone and strike when the time is right. Snipers don't require specialized equipment, although it can be helpful especially to trained sniper, just a good sense of how to stay out of sight and when to shoot. There are many weapons available to paintball snipers that will allow you to get kills more accurately, but you will still need good strategy, smart and quick thinking and some luck can help you become a true paintball sniper.

Most guns shoot around the same distance, you must find a gun that is accurate, consistent, and most importantly that you are comfortable holding for about 30 minutes at a time. To be a good sniper you must be able to hit your mark on the first try. If you buy a marker that is not consistent, it will hamper your ability to make one shot kills, which is vital. Also, you do not want a bright colored weapon. You should always get a black or camo colored paintball marker as they are hard to spot.

If you can get a high-end gun, I highly recommend it, never buy plastic guns, as they easily break and will be far less accurate. Whatever you buy, get to know your gun, and how to shoot and maintain it.

Some of the most realistic and accurate guns on the market today are made by Rap4. They offer a wide variety of sniper rifles, as well many other paintball markers. One of the best paintball sniper rifles they have to offer is the T68 Super Sniper with 3-9x40 Scope Kit. This gun comes complete with scope and has an optional semi automatic electric trigger. I highly recommend the trigger upgrade. Now this gun is for the serious paintballer. It retails for around $712, but can be found for under that if you look around. This gun is very authentic looking and the feel is great.

This paintball sniper rifle is very accurate. The T68 Super Sniper with 3-9x40 Scope Kit Package Includes:

- 1 x T68 M4 Gen6 - Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
- 1 x 5 Year Warranty
- 1 x Tactical 3-9x40 Sniper Scope
- 2 x Low Rise Tri-Rail Ring Mount
- 1 x Exacto Laser Sight
- 1 x Blade Holographic Red Dot Scope
- 1 x Tactical Flashlights with Rail Mounts

The electronic trigger will run you about fifty dollars. This gun is perfect, not too heavy and as accurate as I have seen. The key to being a good paintball sniper is you ability to stay hidden and strike when the time is right. It only helps when your paintball marker is accurate. I would give this paintball sniper rifle a 9.8/10 rating and highly recommend and serious paintball sniper look into picking one up.


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