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July 10, 2020
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Paintball Rifle Guns

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In paintball, the difference between good quality and poor quality equipment can mean success or failure. Paintball guns vary greatly in quality and design, leaving paintball enthusiasts with nearly unlimited weapon choices. There are pistols, uzis, the usual automatic and semi automatic machine guns, paintball grenades, bazookas, and even tanks; however one of the most popular weapon types in paintball is the sniper rifle. The long range powerhouse of a weapon is one of the most popular weapon types in the world and although many people thoroughly enjoy sniper rifles, they are rarely seen on the paintball battlefield.

Paintball rifle guns are hard to come by. Most paintball rifles are simply normal paintball guns with sniper kit add-ons that transform the typical paintball gun into a rifle. If you already have a paintball gun then buying one of these kits is the cheapest method of obtaining a rifle. Buying one of the few sniper rifle paintball models can cost a fortune in both time and money. Buying paintball file guns that come with kits is usually a rip off because you will end up paying more than both the gun and the kit would cost if purchased separately. Paintball companies and retailers get away with this by blinding people with the word rifle which causes them to miss the obvious scam.

What is the overall difference between paintball rifle guns and typical paintball guns? Normal paintball guns shoot in an arch and cause the shot to curve slightly. Rifles put more backspin on the paintball and cause the shot to fire in an extremely straight pattern from point A to point B. This increase in trajectory allows the rifle to be more accurate at longer ranges.

Paintball rifle guns are not for everyone. Rifles are not meant for close quarters combat. It takes someone with extreme patience that is willing to sit a ways back from the battlefield and wait for the most opportune moment before taking their shot. The reward is certainly worth it though. People that get hit by a paintball rifle often feel the shot for another day or two after being hit. The increase trajectory means increased power and increased pain. You may not get as many kills, jump over trees, and get face to face with the enemy, but you do get to bring the pain on every target your shot encounters.

Next time you're looking for a new skill to try out on the paintball battlefield or if you're a newbie looking to get into paintballing for the first time think about trying your hand at a paintball rifle. Just getting one hit with paintball rifle guns can addict you to long range fire for life.


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