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August 30, 2020
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Paintball Pistol Guns

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Paintball has fast become one of America's most popular weekend pastimes, and it has quickly expanded into the rest of the world since its creation 27 years ago. Thousands of young people flock to the nearest paintball fields on the weekends to enjoy shooting each other with their paintball pistols and paint pellets, and paintball has proven to be one of the most entertaining sports of its kind.

When looking into buying a paintball gun, it is important to know what is available on the market. There are a number of different types of paintball pistol guns available for you to buy, and you should understand the difference between each type of gun before making your decision of which gun to purchase.

- The simplest and most basic type of gun is the pump marker, and these are rarely used by the majority of the paintball players around the world. These older guns are similar to the pistols of old that had to be cocked every time you wanted to fire, and they are usually a good deal slower than the rest of the paintball guns on the playing field.

- The semi-automatic paintball marker is the most common type of paintball gun used on the average paintball field today, and these excellent paintball pistols are easy to use and easy to fire. With the simple depression of the trigger, you can loose a barrage of semi-automatic paintball pellets that will take down your opponents. These are usually the most economical kind of gun offered by paintball retailer and paintball fields, and the majority of the paintball hobbyists will usually own a semi-automatic marker.

- Electronic paintball pistols are the newest types of guns, and they come with and LCD panel and computer chips integrated into the gun that allows you total control over your paintball gun. You can use the LCD screen to control the rate of fire of your pistol, as well as help you get faster firing speed and better overall accuracy from your gun. These guns tend to be very expensive, but they are an excellent purchase for anyone who is a serious paintball player.

- The simple paintball pistol guns are usually used only as a secondary or close range weapon. The average paintball player has his principal marker and only carries paintball pistol guns as a backup or for shooting objects nearby. These paintball pistols are light to carry and easy to use in close quarters, but they are nearly useless when it comes to shooting targets at a distance. They have a limited number of rounds they can store, but they make an excellent backup for your main paintball marker.

Recent technology has greatly improved the different paintball guns available on the market today, and you can easily find a paintball marker that is easy to use and can help you take your game to the next level. While some paintball guns tend to be fairly costly, you can actually find a number of excellent quality markers for a very reasonable price simply by searching online.


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